Civilization is on a mission to revolutionize the stablecoin market by introducing a new non-pegged reserve currency called $CVL. This innovative new asset is designed to solve the problems of centralization and censorship that plague traditional stablecoin assets on the Web3 platform.

One of the key features of $CVL is that it is supported by a diverse basket of assets, which helps to ensure its stability and value over time. This is in contrast to traditional stablecoins, which are often tied to a single national currency like the US dollar and subject to the whims of central banks and governments.

In addition to offering a more decentralized and censor-resistant alternative to traditional stablecoins, $CVL also aims to address the fundamental questions surrounding the decentralization of Web3 platforms. Many internet users have raised concerns about the decentralization of popular platforms like Metamask, while others have pointed out that is not decentralized and does not make any efforts to hide this fact.

Overall, Civilization's $CVL represents a major step forward in the quest for a more open and transparent financial system. By providing users with a stable, reliable, and decentralized alternative to traditional stablecoins, the company is helping to pave the way for a brighter future for Web3 and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. So, if you're looking for a more secure and censor-resistant option for your stablecoin transactions, $CVL might be worth checking out.

In addition to dependence on centralized currencies, there are some other problems that Civilization has been researching for several years:

Problem 1: The cryptocurrency's price falls after investing, and the investor loses capital. Solution: if the DAO treasury grows, the $CVL rate also grows. Thanks to the $CVL tokenomics, several actions have been taken to increase the treasury.

Problem 2: The purchased cryptocurrency does not generate income.

Solution: $CVL provides at least three sources of revenue.

Problem 3: Cryptocurrency is not backed by anything.

Solution: $CVL is always supported by the DAO Treasury. Due to blockchain technology, DAO analytics and all asset movements are always entirely transparent.

Problem 4: It is challenging to turn cryptocurrency into money because it has no liquidity.

Solution: $CVL always has DAO treasury liquidity. Treasury assets can be withdrawn if all $CVL is spent.

For example, the Treasury issue is 100,000 USDT, and 1 CVL = 1 USDT. You buy 10,000 CVL for 10,000 USDT. Let's assume that the rate of 1 CVL has increased by 10% and is now equal to 1.1 USDT. You can exchange your 10,000 CVL for 11,000 USDT and withdraw 10% from the Treasury issue (when the rate rises, your share does not change).

Problem 5: Cryptocurrency has no utility.

Solution: $CVL token can be used to pay commissions within our system or receive several types of rewards for holding it. Also, the token can be held to use any ecosystem products we release for free.

Problem 6: Inflation does not allow cryptocurrency growth.

Solution: $CVL is distributed in a different form than little rewards. All reward programs come from the treasury and the business's profits. It does not arrive from anywhere, as competitors' products do.

$CVL is controlled by algorithms and maintained by the treasury. Token value is not tied to the dollar but depends on business utility, increasing the system's profits. This concept excludes inflation possibilities. CVL always has support, and the ecosystem cannot be destroyed. Even if the DEX rate drops to zero, the DAO treasury provides the current rate that will not be decreased. The rating formula is always the same: divide the treasury balance by the number of tokens.

The tokens rate cannot be lower than calculated by the above formula, but it could be higher by DEX or CEX.

Such a mechanism includes enabled algorithmic trading, and the treasury balance is replenished due to rate differences. The amount of tokens decreases when burned to take assets from the treasury. Such an instrument makes the DEX rate lower than the treasury rate.

First, we create a deflationary model based on the actual utility and currency solidity to apply it in the economy. In simple words, Civilization offers a replacement for the dollar.


Civilization has created an infrastructure for operating decentralized algorithmic tools and cryptocurrencies in a single convertible smart contract.

We have released some algorithmic stablecoins and real-world tokenized instruments, all backed by cryptocurrencies.

We have created a P2P system to ensure the uninterrupted supply of fiat currencies to the ecosystem at community expense. Stability maintenance occurs due to arbitration algorithms.

We have created a hybrid liquidity protocol with a new unique pool collateral formula.

We have created several P2P marketplaces where your account cannot be blocked. All products operate for free and are created for ordinary people.

All products are developed and are now at the testing stage, prepared to be launched.

We create our Civilization, currency, and infrastructure for the new world!

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