Opportunity and Marketing

When we are trying to analyze today's crypto market, we can see that there are two major trends: the bearish trend which is related to Bitcoin price, the increase in its market dominance, and pricing not from interest in the projects, but from the confidence of early investors.

The blockchain sector is developing quite quickly, garnering a growing audience and drawing major institutional finance firms. Users are finding it difficult to locate the ideal option for managing their funds and having access to all the functions they require because there are more features accessible on the market.

We have created the world's most influential and prominent community. It is not just words; it is our top priority.

We aim to achieve our goals by creating a global p2p ecosystem that adds value to people's lives, solves today's problems, and uses modern marketing tools to introduce our brand and products, rapidly onboarding people into the Civilization Ecosystem.

We have attracted and brought together many crypto experts and influencers with an audience of more than 1 million people, and the community will expand. We aim to unite and partner for global community and joint management of the ecosystem, not paid integrations. In our strategy, we use many vital mechanisms, which we will discuss in more detail:

  1. A series of aggressive marketing campaigns featuring the $CVL brand on billboards, buses, trams, TV stations, airports, and other strategic locations in more than a dozen countries that will strategically represent the $CVL brand to billions of people.

  2. Partnerships with significant influencers and crypto experts of at least 30-50 people per region, reaching over 200 million people and covering at least 12 areas. The content was also translated into at least 12 languages.

  3. Partnerships with major international sports brands, including Formula 1, football clubs, and others.

  4. Airdrop program covering 12 regions via active social media campaigns. Telegram technical infrastructure development procedures are planned for conversion tracking and community interaction.

  5. Sheeling and Raid programs as competitions with prize pools in tokens to work with subscribers, support influencers, and increase partner audience. All instructions for the competitions will be held in telegrams at the link: https://t.me/cvlp2pbot

  6. PR campaign in at least 12 regions in well-known and key targeted periodicals such as Cointelegraph, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others.

  7. Events, joint performances, and major exhibitions to fund and support influencers and partners working on brand awareness. These activities will enable joint movement forward.

  8. Standard digital marketing tools: targeting, SMM, traffic maintenance, and other traditional advertising for brand promotion.

Development and marketing require funding. Here is a breakdown of how Civilization funds operations:

1) The funds received from the token sale in three rounds, including pre-sale, will be used for:

  • Listing on exchanges, maintaining the entire ecosystem liquidity, and the $CVL token;

  • Marketing.

All products and services are implemented in advance, so there is no need to develop them from scratch. Most of the funds will be pushed to brand promotion and the global marketing campaign.

2) A large number of $CVL tokens for marketing and influencers are allocated. $CVL tokens will be distributed from the DAO treasury at a need.

3) The Civilization Treasury will provide funds for brand promotion throughout the project's life. Due to regular contributions to the treasury from any ecosystem product's profits, the circulation of funds becomes possible.

The team has EXCITING plans demanding significant finances to be implemented. This page will be updated as our approach to operations and funding evolve!

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