Stablecoins and tokenized assets

Within the ecosystem, their own stablecoins were issued for the internal operation of the system. These stablecoins can be bought inside our CVL Swap service where rates are parsed from the real world. Also, these stablecoins can be sold on the CVLP2P platform by any of the users at the rates set by the users themselves. And also these stablecoins are sold on decentralized protocols such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap where the rate is supported by the AMM algorithm. There is an opportunity for automatic arbitrage when you can buy and sell on different sites and instantly fix profits.

Commissions of algorithmic stablecoins on the Swap platform are always 0.01% if you pay fees in CVL tokens or 0.1% if you pay fees in BNB. Thus, the ecosystem is guaranteed to receive liquidity, volumes, and interest from users who are ready to earn extra money through arbitrage within the ecosystem.

The stablecoins within the Civilization ecosystem are provided with liquidity in advance and exclusively using the $CVL token, which adds an extra layer of security to the system. In order to maintain decentralization, the LP (liquidity provider) keys for all pairs have been destroyed. To increase the treasury of the YodaSwap service, the team will need to purchase tokens from a decentralized protocol, just like any other user of the ecosystem. This ensures equality among all participants in the system.

In the future, only tokens issued by the Civilization system will be accepted within the entire ecosystem and all products released, including the $CVL and all stablecoins, as well as metals and other tokenized assets. This speaks to the global nature of our intentions and our long-term strategy.

DAO controls the entire system. The DAO is the issuer and genesis wallet for any stablecoin or tokenized asset that is issued. All commissions are sent to the genesis wallet, which replenishes the DAO treasury automatically.

All stablecoins and tokenized assets are permanently and transparently backed by the DAO treasury. It can be easily monitored and controlled. Additionally, the security is maintained through decentralized protocols, where all keys for liquidity pairs have been destroyed. The rates for these pairs can now only be changed through the arbitrage mechanism and interactions within the Civilization ecosystem. This not only provides an opportunity for users to earn, but also brings volumes to the system and ensures a constant influx of users without high-interest staking and farming rewards. These are completely new algorithms that have a bright future ahead.

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