Create your own wallet

To get started on Civilization, the first thing you'll need is to set up a wallet that supports BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Wallets are available both on desktop computers and on smartphone devices. You'll need to choose the wallet that fits your needs best.

We strongly recommend you use CVL Wallet for receiving the best user experience communicating with the Civilization ecosystem.

When configuring a wallet, make sure to:

✅ Download and install just the most recent version from an official source

✅ Carefully follow the setup guide

✅ Back up your recovery words safely.

❌ Under no circumstances should you disclose your recovery phrases to anyone.

❌ NEVER enter your recovery phrase into any other website or app than your wallet app.

Smartphone/Mobile wallets

Smartphone/Mobile wallets allow you to access your crypto almost anywhere. Wallets are available on both Android and iOS devices.

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