CVL LP & farming

The liquidity provider model is unique and flawless, but it creates strong inflation in most cases. The DAO is always the liquidity provider of the CVL Swap protocol. Fee liquidity options are a concept that Sushiswap came up with that remains interesting and can always be applied when needed. If there is such a need and if users vote for this model.

However, we adhere to the rules of the deflationary model and consider hybrid liquidity from the DAO treasury to be a more efficient model.

At the same time, the LP token of the DAO treasury always remains attractive to users, as it provides constant automatic generation of profitability from the operation of the entire ecosystem and not just the CVLSwap protocol. This unique model makes the token super in demand at any given time!

Farming campaign on the platform

The farming campaign on the platform is more of an airdrop program aimed at attracting users. The CVL strategy is aimed exclusively at the deflationary business model, which we plan to come to in exactly 2 months.

We focus on the deflationary model and in exactly 2 months the token can be farmed on various decentralized protocols and exchanges and receive profitability in other liquid assets such as BNB, Cake and others, as well as profitability in tokenized assets. The program of farming and other types of rewards will be determined by community vote but should not violate the principles of the Civilization ecosystem. The model should remain deflationary.

And just at the start of the project, in order to attract a large number of users, we launch farming for exactly 2 months according to the following model:

Farming of the $CVL - $USDT pair for 2 months with a yield starting from 450% per annum and decreasing every minute for new users and subsequently reaching zero in exactly 2 months. This means that if you farm from the first day and all 2 months then you will receive a return of 450% per annum in full. But if you withdraw liquidity from the wallet and re-enter it, then your profitability will be fixed in accordance with the plan (the percentage decreases every minute and reaches zero in 2 months). If you are a new user and started farming 1 month after the start of the program, then you will farm at 225% per annum and so on.

It is not necessary to buy two tokens for newcomers. It will be possible to immediately buy the LP token of this pair and start farming instantly. Thanks to this program, we plan to attract a huge mass of new users and tell the whole world about the project.

Any further bounty programs will be triggered by a community vote and only if a quorum of votes is reached. We hope that farming programs will run on other protocols such as Pancakeswap and others and rewards will be paid in protocol tokens in order to comply with the deflationary token model rule. We will do our best to keep the token deflationary in the future, this is one of our key tasks.

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