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Transparent and understandable analytics. You always see all the activities of the fund and the balance of the treasury. You can exit the fund or buy more Treasury tokens at any time.

Analytics is available at the following addresses:


Absolutely anyone can make a proposal, but only holders of the CVL token can vote and make decisions. Voting is considered successful when 51% of the signatures of tokenholders are collected, this is called a “quorum”.

Possible suggestions include: Investment in the project (DAO allocates fund money upon successful voting) Developments, technical integrations (DAO allocates fund money upon successful voting) Introduction of new core products. Including DAO tools, treasury management tools Actions with Treasury assets. Including swaps, staking, farming, liquidity support Project support by the DAO community Events, educational programs (DAO allocates fund money upon successful voting) Grants, charity, any undertakings for the development of humanity and technology

Project support DAO supports and invests in projects because it benefits and earns along with the entire community. Profits from investments are sent to the DAO treasury, which increases the emission.

The value of the CVL token correlates with the growth of the ecosystem. Also, token holders earn on token farming, receiving rewards in other liquid tokens of various decentralized protocols, such as PANCAKE, SUSHI, VENUS and others.

Voting takes place here:

In order to make an offer or vote, you must have a $CVL token in the amount of at least 1000 tokens on your wallet.


You deposit funds and you do not need to press buttons, as if you were buying signals, we do all the actions ourselves, as a professional investment fund, and you just get profit, deposit and withdrawal at any second.

In order to start investing, you just need to buy an $LP DAO and follow the actions of the fund. To exit, you need to sell the $LP DAO or get a share of the treasury.

The DAO converts treasury assets into fundamental cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum), increasing the $LP DAO collateral foundation. The fund earns thanks to long-term investment strategies, and also diversifies risks through farming and staking of these assets. Investments are always open and transparent and anyone can see them. You can also make decisions at the level of the fund administration, whether it is the purchase of cryptocurrencies or venture investments. That is, we will manage the fund as one big community and go forward as one big team - our goal is to increase the treasury.

Why can't I invest in bitcoins and other assets held in the DAO Treasury myself?

Because it is common knowledge that the market is run by institutions (large participants), you move in one big capital, together with professionals, and you do not need to press buttons and follow the market - everything happens automatically and is always under your control.

And also, we have innovative tools built into the smart contract code that allow you to receive additional income, collateral guarantees, liquidity and a constant increase in DAO emission.

It is profitable to be a Treasury LP token holder. You always make a profit and in fact you are the owner of the entire business and part of our ecosystem, because all profits go to the treasury.

All issued assets at the level of algorithms have commissions that go to the genesis wallet, and in this case, the genesis wallet is our DAO. Thus, you get a piece of DAO. In order to exit the business, you need to burn the LP token or sell it on the exchange.

Treasury Token

The LP token is a token with which you can access the treasury. It is necessary to burn the token and the holder will receive his share, in proportion to the percentage of the share in the treasury pool. LP is an always liquid token that is backed by Treasury assets. Buying this token is tantamount to transferring assets to the management of the fund, with guaranteed collateral.

The number of LP tokens can be absolutely anything, it directly depends on the assets of the fund that are currently under management. Periodically, the fund makes an additional release of tokens, if there is such a need. Similarly, the emission of tokens can decrease as investors exit the fund when the tokens are burned.

For example, consider a specific case:

  1. The investor bought 100 LP for 100 USDT. DAO treasury now has 100 USDT.

  2. The other 10 participants bought 10 LP each. DAO treasury now has 200 USD

  3. DAO AUM (assets under management) 100 + 100 = 200 USDT. By analogy with traditional finance - a share.

  4. DAO through its actions was able to earn +100 USDT (+50% profit). DAO AUM 200 + 100 = 300 USDT.

How is the profit distributed among the participants now?

1 member with 50% share, 100 USDT -> 150 USDT. 10 members with 5% share, per person: 10 USDT -> 15 USDT, total = 150 USDT.

  1. After successful transactions, some of the partners decided to leave.

Let's say 5 people with 10 LP decide to burn their tokens and exit. There are 250 LP left in circulation. DAO AUM = 250USDT

Shares of participants and earnings were distributed as follows: 1 member with 50% share, 150 USDT ->150 USDT (no change) 5 members with 5% share, per person: 15 USDT -> 15 USDT, total = 75 USDT (no change).

How is profit distributed among investors? LP token is the same profit distribution mechanism. Contributors earn as long as they hold LP tokens. To fix their profits, they burn their share. This burning can be activated manually on predetermined dates, or at any time.

Dividends on LP tokens are not charged!

LP Total Supply is the total number of LPs in circulation, that is, the cost of the FUND token directly depends on the operation of the ecosystem, the greater the turnover of all products and the increase in the number of users, the cost of the token also increases. This is a very valuable token and it is less volatile or not volatile at all and depends directly on the business.

How to burn an LP token?

In the LP Amount line, enter the amount of LP you want to burn. You can burn LP partially or completely. You can check the number of LPs on your balance on the DAO main page, in the LP Holders section with the percentage of votes: Under the LP Amount input line, there is a hint about what proportion the entered amount of LP tokens will make of the total amount of DAO funds.

Below is a list of tokens that can be withdrawn from the DAO. This will be the entire list of tokens on the DAO balance. As a result of the burning, the shares in the DAO are redistributed among the participants, and the one who burned his share will receive the selected tokens to the account.

How we combine Analytics, Investments and Management

The second stage after the launch of the main $CVL token and its listing will be the launch of algorithmic stablecoins. At this point, the collateral of the $CVL token will be at least $1 billion in tokenized assets issued within the ecosystem. Once stablecoins are listed on decentralized exchanges, the keys to the liquidity pair will be destroyed. The provision of stablecoins will occur at the expense of the DAO treasury.

The treasury will have a reserve of emission of the $CVL token, which will be used to balance the ecosystem, but any actions will take place with the help of a vote by the community and are essentially under the control of the community.

At the next stage, the LP token of the treasury will be equated to the $CVL token, which means that at this moment the $CVL token will become not only the managing (voting) token, but also the treasury token and the arbitrage algorithm will begin to function, with the help of which any user will be able to earn by helping to create a balance in the system and the treasury will begin to be filled with commissions from all stablecoins of the ecosystem, as well as from the movement of the $CVL token itself.

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