Go-to-Market strategy

Civilization Network is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of built-in products that cater to the needs of specific user groups throughout the full purchasing cycle. With this in mind, the company is focusing on developing a range of services that cover every step of the process, from initial purchase to ongoing management and use of assets.

One of the key products in the Civilization Network lineup is the CVL Wallet, which offers a range of main functions for users to take advantage of. The launch version of the product includes support for more than 20 major networks, and the company has an ambitious roadmap in place for further product development.

Some of the key features of the CVL Wallet include the ability to securely hold and manage cryptocurrency assets, participate in decentralized finance protocols, and trade assets on various exchange platforms. The wallet is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users of all levels of experience to take advantage of its many features.

Overall, the Civilization Network is poised to become a major player in the cryptocurrency market with its comprehensive suite of built-in products and services. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of crypto, the CVL Wallet and other products from Civilization Network are sure to be valuable tools for managing and using your assets.

  • Staking

  • NFT support

  • swap support

  • native token release

  • privacy features

CVL P2P platform provides next functionalities:

  • Buy cryptocurrency from real people using your PayPal wallet

  • Sell your crypto assets and receive funds directly on the PayPal

  • Start your exchange Business by collaborating with the platform

  • Reduce P2P exchange fees by staking native token

  • Create a profile and get verified on a platform for Trust Building and gaining more customers

  • Get your creep there's any time any place directly on your wallet no one in the middle

CVL media player will provide users with an exclusive opportunity to purchase and sell their own made materials and educational courses. The MVP version of the product will provide next functionalities:

  • Create your own Public page

  • Upload educational materials to the platform

  • Monetize your content by selling it to users

  • Become an owner of the content and get access or full ownership

Civil swap is a fully functioning platform for decentralized blockchain asset exchange. After the token sale, you will be provided with the exclusive opportunity of purchasing tokenized bonds and stocks.

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