$CVL token

$CVL is a cryptocurrency that aims to become the world's most well-known and widely used digital asset.

One of the main features of $CVL is that it is a permanently secured, transparent cryptocurrency that is not subject to inflation or economic crises. This is because it is an algorithmic token that is not tied to traditional currency fluctuations, stocks, or other assets. Instead, it is designed to be deflationary, with all procedures aimed at total deflation.

Another key feature of $CVL is that it is always backed by treasury assets, primarily Bitcoin. This is a transparent mechanism that allows holders to stay informed about the state of the system's economy and make informed decisions.

In addition to these features, the $CVL token is also designed to be highly usable within the Civilization ecosystem. To this end, the team has developed a range of valuable mechanisms to help users get the most out of the token. Some of these mechanisms include:

  • the $CVL token is used to pay commissions within the ecosystem to save on transactions

  • the $CVL token must be kept at a certain amount on balance to work in the P2P marketplace without commissions. Yes, there will be no commissions at all

  • the $CVL token must be kept at a certain amount on balance to have access to the automatic arbitrage mechanism, which will make the arbitrage strategies simple and automated the

  • $CVL token gives holders additional profit from transaction fees as well as from the treasury growth

  • the $CVL token gives additional profit from farming, staking, and other mechanisms, providing constant Civilization profitability all commissions from the purchase, sale, cryptocurrency exchange, algorithmic stablecoins, tokenized assets, and commissions from the mobile application and P2P platform go to the Treasury.

  • TsVL token holders manage the Treasury. All profits from the infrastructure are distributed among all token holders, ensuring deflation, business performance, and the influx of civilization's assets. Business growth is a crucial mission for the Civilization community.

Token smart contract: 0x9Ae0290cD677dc69A5f2a1E435EF002400Da70F5

Total number of tokens: 7,933,993,600 CVL

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