Governance Overview


Who owns the DAO? Who controls the DAO treasury?

– Holders of $CVL tokens.

Is DAO a registered company?

– DAO is not a registered company. We are a group of token holders who agree to manage a set of smart contracts on the blockchain.


DAO is a unique type of organization that operates without a central management team or employees. Instead, it is a group of developers and stakeholders who own $CVL tokens and are motivated to see the project succeed. The developers of the DAO are no different from other participants or investors who believed in the project and bought $CVL tokens during one of the rounds or on an exchange.

One of the key features of the DAO is that it is designed to be completely equal, with all members having an equal say in the direction of the project. Anyone can propose partnerships or protocol updates for the DAO, and $CVL token holders can vote to accept or reject these proposals. However, the DAO does not give token holders the right to impose their will on other holders – it simply allows them to submit proposals and vote on them.

Overall, the DAO is an innovative way of organizing and managing a project that is designed to be transparent, equal, and decentralized. If you're interested in participating in the DAO and helping to shape the future of the Civilization project, be sure to learn more about the $CVL token and how you can get involved.

Voting takes place here:

In order to make an offer or vote, you must have a $CVL token in the amount of at least 1000 tokens on your wallet.

Every $CVL Counts

CVLDAO is owned and governed by CVL token holders. Our initial policy is for the following actions to be executed only after a successful proposal and vote:

  • token swaps with existing and emerging projects.

  • treasury allocation into various projects or autonomous entities (in the form of funding, liquidity support, and grants)

  • updates to Ecosystems Civilizations (including governance and treasury management functions).

We imagine that these policies will change overtime after discussions with the CVLDAO community.

In Phase 1 CVLDAO will utilize the industry standard setup of XDAO, Gnosis Snapshot off-chain governance, and multi-sig administrators.

In Phase 2 CVLDAO will look to build a custom governance module, most likely referencing on-chain upgradable solutions such as Compound Governor Bravo.

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