Civilization Declaration

We believe that all people have equal rights to life, happiness, and freedom of speech. We consider decentralization one of the primary mechanisms to achieve these global goals in the new world. Our goal is to create a financial reserve currency for civilization, for ordinary people, that:

— Has constant supply and balance

— Preserves purchasing power via long-term price stability

— Has deep liquidity across decentralized and centralized exchanges

— Is utilized as a unit of account (e.g., by being paired with other assets in Web3)

— Is utilized as trusted backing (e.g., to collateralize other assets or deposited into protocols’ treasuries).

Ordinary people should unite to develop a single ecosystem and help each other. Mankind-led DAO mechanisms are excellent for this purpose.

Ordinary people should have their currency and infrastructure in which they will not depend on the states or rules of the familiar old world. We declare this day - the Independence of the Decentralized Civilization.

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